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February 20, 2011 / Asimplemother

Waiting to Buy

Today I had another experience that reminded me why it is important to wait before buying EVERYTHING you need for a baby.  Don’t get me wrong…I am a plan ahead kind of girl.  But, I am learning that sometimes it is better to wait before buying everything needed for the next 18 years! 

I was putting away my daughter’s winter coat, boats and mittens in her room.  We used to set her carseat inside the bedroom door and pile the diaper bag, coat, hats and mittens right there.  But now that she is no longer using that carseat, everything is just getting piled by the door.  Mostly out of habit and because it is very convenient to grab it.  Plus, she loves to play dress-up with it. 

So, instead I looked at the room and realized, a style bin (laundry basket like) would look very nice and be practical. Plus, my favorite part, I can keep everything right by the door.  Now to go and purchase one. Probably the next time I am out-and-about…or online shopping. 

Once again, reminded why I need to wait…a better solution may come along.  Are you a plan-ahead or wait-and-see mom?


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