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March 1, 2011 / Asimplemother

Do You Allow Popsicles?

Do You Allow Popsicles

Look Mom! No Bib with my popsicle!

Recently a mom at my house asked me in a panic, “You allow popsicles?!”  This was as I was getting out a strawberry bar from the freezer for my daughter to have while sitting in her high chair without a bib.  But let me back-up a bit.  Since my daughter was about 6 months old she swore off bibs.  Even the rubber kind with a locking tab.  At that point I just accepted that I would be soaking shirts in soapy water more often than the average mom!  And luckily she is a “pretty clean” eater.  So I haven’t had to throw out too many shirts! 
Now back to my original story.  Yes, I do give my daughter frozen strawberry fruit bars to enjoy as a treat!  And, with no bib.  The conversation went back-and-forth for about 20 minutes while she enjoyed her fruit bar and I snapped some pictures.  Even after adverting all disasters (this time and all previous times) this mom still swore off popsicles until her child was 4 or 5 years old.  Even my daughter’s big smiles couldn’t change her mind! 🙂  That’s OK.   

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