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March 13, 2011 / Asimplemother

Kid Loves Dogs! Get a Dog? Maybe Dogsit.

Anyone who has been around my daughter knows that she loves dogs. So much so that some may wonder if she transforms into a dog as one passes by her with all of her very pronounced barking.  But we have held (somewhat) strong to not getting a dog.  We have the same reasons as many of you: we both work, we’re not around enough, what do we do when we travel to grandma’s house, and we should wait until Georgia is a little older. 

So, what have we done to pacify her love for dogs?  We dogsit!  Our neighbors’ large Black Lab, Gomer is really a loveable, gentle house dog who does not like to be alone.  So, when our neighbors go on vacation Gomer needs some company.  And who better to wash away the “missing mom” blues than a 15-month old dog lover!?

Oh the Laughs!

We haven’t laughed so hard as we have in the last couple of days watching Georgia play with Gomer.  Gomer has received more hugs and kisses than ever before in one day.  And, how great she is at sharing – food and toys and slobber! Cooking dinner last night, I turned around to see Georgia take a drink from her sippy cup only to extend her hand and put it in Gomer’s mouth.  And then she smiled as he licked it, almost like a sign of approval or acceptance. 

Dogsitting Success?

We’d like to think so, but he doesn’t go home until later today, so we’ll have a complete analysis then.  But so far, everything has gone great! Lots of playing, running, ball catching and laughing.  No doggie accidents, no ruined furniture and no baby tears.


I wouldn’t recommend dogsitting for anyone, any time.  But, I would recommend dogsitting as an alternative to getting your own dog.  It needs to be for the right family and dog.  Select a dog your child/ren is familiar with and you trust with children.  Also, select a family and dog who has a similar lifestyle as you. This will help the dog adjust better.  And, most importantly, clear your weekend schedule so you are at home the entire time.  Your baby, the dog and you will be exhausted. 

Dogsitting allows you the joys of having a dog when it is convenient for your schedule, but you don’t have to buy the dog food, kennel or toys.  Plus, just when you are gearing up for another busy week, you can send the dog home to his/her own parents.  Almost sounds like being grandma!


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