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March 29, 2011 / Asimplemother

How to Handle Toddler Tantrums and Terrible Twos

As a mother of a 16-month old, I have recently experienced what I think are toddler tantrums, which have caught me slightly off-guard since we haven’t really finalized a plan on how to handle them.  I know I could read a book (and probably will) or visit a baby site or forum like or as they have good advice and experience.  However, you really can not read a book when your child has just flopped down on the kitchen (or better yet, grocery store) floor kicking and screaming.

What Toddler Discipline Tactics I’ve Tried So Far

The first incident was when my daughter walked into the kitchen, b-lined it for a bag of cereal to purposely dump it on the floor and stomp on it upset because I took something away.  Shocked, I paused to really process what was happening…my daughter’s first temper tantrum.  I reacted by giving her a time-out. I followed the 1 minute for each year rule, but rounded her’s up to 1.5 minutes.  Then I had her come and “help” me clean up the mess.  I talked to her about why that was not the most appropriate action.  The time-out seemed to work. As we sat in her room quietly she was able calm down and regain control. 

What Other Toddler Discipline Tactics Work?

I know that a time-out and talking about the situation can work most of the time.  But what do you do when you are at the grocery store, or a party and your toddler throws a tantrum?  How do you make sure you and your partner, husband, spouse follow the same tactics?  As experienced moms what advice do you have that works?

I am sure I will look back at our first tantrum and only wish they were all this “bad”.  And, I know we have to be ready because the terrible twos are coming!


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