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April 2, 2011 / Asimplemother

Mom Workouts – Finding Time is Harder than Lifting Weights

Finding time to workout as a mother of a young child is harder than one could ever imagine.  Prior to having children, I worked out 6 days per week for at least an hour per day.  In fact, I completed a couple of 10K and half-marathon training programs.  But now as a mom, fitting in workout time takes planning and flexibility. 

Nowadays I have a goal of working out 5 days per week and if I get a whole hour in I consider it a luxury.  Instead, I look for ways to include my daughter into my workout some days per week.  As a baby, it was easy to carry her along for a summer walk.  Now, as an active toddler, having her participate in the activity serves two functions: I get a workout in and she learns the value of being active.

In fact, my daughter has her own pair of one pound weights and has learned how to do squats and leg stretches.  Her push-up form is more like Downward Facing Dog but works great for the start of a somersault. 

Being able to move, dance and participate keeps her happy and lets us spend time together.  Each day I learn new ways she and I can workout together.  Just yesterday as I was chasing her around the fireplace, I grabbed my weights and carried them along.  Doing that 6 times per day for 5 minutes per time = 30 minutes.

Spring Time Provides Lots of Workout Options

Now that the weather is getting nice (finally), she and I have found ourselves outside for walks.  This really provides new options for taking our workout outside  Using a backpack is great for an extra challenge but doing that every day is tough on the back, so we mix it up with the stroller. My daughter has found being outside is wonderful, especially when the neighbor’s dog comes out to the road to say hi. 

I Still Love My Fitness Center Time

Balancing working out with my daughter and a more formal workout at the local fitness center is important.  I schedule at least 2 times per week at the fitness center.  I still enjoy taking an hour to challenge myself on a run while listening to my favorite music.  It allows me time to unwind, feel good and stay in shape.



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  1. Jeff Silvey / Apr 2 2011 11:08 am

    Getting the kid involved is great. What a good idea. Personally, I just gave up on trying to find time to workout. Going up and down the stairs to do laundry is my workout now. Also, I play a game with my daughter where I lift her up and act like she IS the weights. She just laughs and laughs.

    • asimplemother / Apr 2 2011 4:07 pm

      I know how you feel…I was getting frustrated with trying to fit in time to workout within the day, which also included work, family, dinner, and other commitments. Getting up at 4 am seemed to be my only option. But I love working out and so I figured there had to be an easier way. Now my daughter loves participating…just today we went for a 1 hour walk outside.

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