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April 6, 2011 / Asimplemother

Spring Time Outdoor Family Fun

As spring FINALLY starts to arrive in Minnesota, I find myself planning our outdoor family activities.  As a mom, I find that I can quickly fill up all of our free-time with outside activities.  Maybe it’s because I like the outdoors, especially in the spring and summer.  It just seems like my daughter is at some of her happiest moments when we are outside playing. 

My 16-month old daughter loves being outside and will only love it more when she realizes she doesn’t have to get all bundled up in her coat, gloves and boots. 

And, I remember as a kid, I loved jumping in mud puddles and getting so dirty, my mom would hose us off with the garden hose before we could even come inside.  And the first picnic of the season – probably too cold, but we didn’t care.

Spring Time Fun at the Park

Here we come!

Last Saturday we spent our first spring afternoon at the park for 3 hours…just following an 1 hour walk around the city.  And this got me thinking, What other family fun activities should we be planning?” 

I am on a mission to purchase a new bike and carrier for my daughter. I haven’t decided on a pull behind or mounted carrier yet.  Any one have suggestions? 

We live only a couple of minutes from 20 miles of bike trails, not to mention my daughter’s great love of speed and danger. 

We also bought our first outside play gym for our yard.  Last year we did put up a swing and now we have a slide.  But, we couldn’t wait so it is currently set-up in our living room. I guess my daughter is practicing before taking it outside.

We are also getting ready to start working in our garden.  I can only imagine the help I will have pulling weeds (and plants) and digging up bulbs, onions and potatoes.  Maybe not-so-much!


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