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April 14, 2011 / Asimplemother

The Grocery Store is Full of Kid’s Learning Tools

My daughter has tagged along with me to the grocery store since she was born.  Yes, every Friday or Saturday, she and I make our list (well I do) and we head out to our favorite supermarket.  As she grows, she has become more involved in the shopping process and I can not wait until she can be even more involved.  I believe it will not only help her with making good food choices, but also with understanding choices, sorting items, math (weights, prices) and making a budget. 

Currently my daughter and I talk about different foods as we travel through the grocery store. And of course she recognizes her favorites.  Ever try to sneak yogurt into your cart because your 17-month old wants to “hold” it?  She is also at a stage where some items need to be placed in the cart by her.  And she also loves putting items on the conveyor for the clerk to check-out.  So far, our grocery shopping experiences have been wonderful. 

As she gets older, we will start to include a conversation about making choices, “Would you like oranges or grapes?”  And “What ingredients do we need to make pizza?”  Albeit a couple of years away, she can help me write the grocery list based on our meal planning and then find these items in the store, and have a budget to spend at the store.  Maybe wishful mom thinking. 

But for now, we really enjoy color recognition and counting games.  It certainly makes our trips more of an excursion than a requirement. 

If you want to or have to include your children in grocery shopping, here are some ways to do so.  I recommend getting your kids involved in grocery shopping.  It certainly gives us more time to spend together! 

These grocery store games for kids of all ages. 

1.  Wonder Time Learning Activities Grocery Store Games

2.  grocery Store Bingo from Real Simple (for school-age children)

3.  grocery Store Bingo (for younger children)

4. Education.Com Gocery Store Activities

5.  Fruits and Veggies Public Health Initiative Grocery Store Activities (Educational Games)


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