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April 25, 2011 / Asimplemother

A Lesson in Strength from Military Families, Especially Mom

The holidays always make me think of those I know serving in the military, their families and the sacrifice they make every day.  I am not a military wife, mother, sister, child.  I do know military families who have a loved one serving overseas.  And most have families back here (children, husbands and wives).  And therefore, I can only imagine the stress it puts on their families, and the commitment they have made. 

You are Strong – And We All Can Learn Something From You

On days or weeks when I am a “Single Mother” because my husband is traveling, I often am ready for a cocktail come Friday night. The added responsibilities can be a little overwhelming at times (for everyone).  However, one day very recently I read a note from a friend (wife) whose husband is serving overseas currently, leaving her and their son at home. It really made me think about how lucky I am and that 1 week is nothing compared to months and years she is putting in as a “single mother”!

The strength and extra effort these moms have is outstanding. They not only have to be the sole provider, they also have to be a role model (strong) for their children. And, manage their own emotions on their own.  No husband to cuddle up next to and share your fears. 

As I read that note, I thought to myself, “I have no right to complain after one week of single parenting.”  I need be thankful for the time with my daughter and for the opportunity that my husband will return (only after 1 week). 

How Can You Help – Examples  from My Experiences

I would ask for everyone (regardless if you agree with the politics of war) to thank a military family and to reflect on their situation and strength.

If you want to help military families there are several organizations around the U.S. that provide assistance.  I recommend asking a military family in your neighborhood or community what organization they recommend.  Giving to an organization where you know the benefits will be reaped by someone you know makes it all that more impactful.

Most importantly, if you know of a military family in your neighborhood or community with a mom or dad serving overseas, ask how you can help. Could you babysit one night, cook dinner, have the family over for a movie, invite them into your carpool, just have a cup of coffee with them? The opportunities are plentiful.  

Thank You!

Thank you to all of those who serve and the families here at home. I know holidays can be an extra stressful time. Know that my family has learned a lot from you and appreciate your efforts.  We are wishing you a safe return.


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