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May 27, 2011 / Asimplemother

Our Memorial Day Flag of Flowers Garden Project

Today, my daughter and I planted our Memorial Day flag of flowers to celebrate Memorial Day and to honor of all of our fallen heroes.  We spent most of the morning measuring, planning and selecting flowers.  Then my little garden assistant needed a nap, just a quick one on our drive home from the nursery.  She couldn’t miss wearing her pink Carhart bibs and work boots. 

After having lunch, we ventured out to complete our project.  It amazes me how intuitive and analytical my daughter can be at times.  She knew she needed her wheelbarrow, gloves and watering can.  And we best not start until we have these items.  She was very careful as she carried the flowers to the planter box ensuring she did not drop any of them.  If as attentive as she is, I am often calling for my assistant as she found more interesting activities to partake in! 

After about 2 hours, we headed in for a break.  Really, it started raining.  I like to garden, but not in the rain.  After dinner we were able to venture out and finish our project.  By no means are we master gardeners, but we sure do have fun working (playing) together!

 This is a great project to share with your children.  Not only can you enjoy gardening together, but for older children they can help draw a design of where the flowers will go, how many of each color of flower will be needed and then helping with the selection and planting.

As you are enjoying a backyard BBQ, baseball game or the first weekend of camping, please take time to attend a memorial service or parade in your community.  The U.S. Memorial Day website is an excellent resource for the history and traditional celebrations for the holiday.


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