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June 25, 2011 / Asimplemother

Parenting Book Review: Go The F**K to Sleep and Thank You Notes

I recently finished two very funny books for any mom who needs a great laugh.  You have probably heard an interview, news story or read an article about Adam Mansbach’s book, Go the F**K to Sleep and Jimmy Fallon’s book, Thank You Notes. But you may not have read a review of both of them in the same blog post, nor read about both as great parenting books.  I’m here to recommend both to any simple mom (or dad) who needs  to laugh at ourselves, our kids and our lives.

For What It Is

Mansbach’s Go the F**K to Sleep takes on bedtime in one of the most humorous and realistic ways possible.  By writing it in a children’s book format with adult language.  But what really makes you laugh is the reality of it.  As you read each page you start laughing and nodding only because you have been there, done that. 

Yet, for some “serious” journalists they have approached his book with too much concern.  Accept the book for what it is, a reflection of real-life bedtime stories of parents with toddlers.  Stop asking questions like, “What if your child picks the book up and reads it?” Or, “What will your daughter say when she realizes that the book is about her?”  And I loved Mansbach’s answers that went something like, “Put the book where your child can not get it” and “Thanks for paying for college.”

What We Would All Like to Say

Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes makes us laugh at real-life.  The things we would really like to say to people and the oddities we do as humans, like selecting an extremely long word for, “The fear of long words.”  Again, as you read through the book you will only laugh because you agree and because it’s you staring back.  A stress reliever for the stresses in life. 

Take A Break

Real life is always more funny than fiction.  So get yourself a copy of the books, a glass of wine, and you can knock them all out before nap time is over! Because of this, you’ll be a better parent!  😉


~ Can you tell it’s summer? Even with bad weather my blog has been quiet due to the long, lit nights.



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