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October 28, 2011 / Asimplemother

Halloween Activities for 2 Year Olds That are Fun – Yes, It Can be Done

With an almost 2-year old at home, Halloween traditions can be quick tricky to conquer.  Knives, seeds and frosting usually do not mix well with toddlers.  I could have just waited until she napped.  Instead, I found two safe and fun projects for her to participate in: pumpkin painting and cookie decorating.

Pumpkin Painting

This is also a great alternative to carving pumpkins if you are not good at carving or do not like the mess. 

All you need are the following:

  • A large piece of cardboard
  • Aprons
  • Craft Paint, Spray Glitter Paint
  • Paint brushes or sponges (but fingers work too)
  • Paper plates or paint trays
  • Ribbon or Other Accessories (optional)
  • Pumpkins, ones that are a little rough on the sides work the best for holding paint

I recommend setting up the painting area outside or in the garage.  After laying out the cardboard, putting on your aprons and setting the pumpkins out…it’s time to PAINT!!  I recommend giving your child 2-3 colors at a time on their plate.  After the paint has dried, add any glitter paint or other accessories. 

My daughter had so much fun, we did this 2 days in a row and have 5 painted pumpkins. 

Cutout Cookie Decorating

Can you imagine…I made cutout cookies with a 2-year old!  It went as smooth as could be.  In fact, we did not have a broken cookie!  In full disclosure, I did mix up the dough the night before.  However, I rolled out, cut and baked the cookies with my daughter today.  My trick: the leftover dough.  Provide your child with some cookie cutters and a little of the leftover dough (that has too much flour to work any longer) and she/he will stay plenty busy while you finish cutting and baking the cookies. 

After the cookies cooled, we made the frosting and went on to decorate.  I did the frosting and she sprinkled on the decorations.  Using a cheese shaker or empty spice jar works great.  Yes, you will have sprinkles on the floor, but the fun is worth it! Plus, you really can not mess up sprinkles on a cookie (too bad). 

As a result, I now have beautiful homemade pumpkin cookies all decorated and ready to eat!


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  1. Dawn Otte / Nov 23 2011 1:54 pm

    Georgia is showing her age in her picture painting, with her little arm out straight. It is neat to see how that changes as they grow. Before you know it she won’t be holding it that way. I forgot to mention this with the pictures you gave. Thanks!!

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