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November 30, 2011 / Asimplemother

Be Cheerful and Pass It On!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (at our house)!  This year I have taken my time getting into the Christmas Spirit!  With Christmas sales, decorations and music starting so early, I tuned out for a while to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Now I can truly show my Christmas Spirit and spread it all around. 

My house is decorated and I will start my holiday baking and cooking this weekend.  But, like many other things I am learning in life.  I am taking it slower and savoring the flavors of each part of the season.  Instead of baking 15 different cookies, I am focusing on 5-6 really good ones.  And bringing back a long-time family tradition of making and giving homemade raviolis. 

More Giving Cheer
I purchased a plaque as part of my Christmas table centerpiece because I LOVED the saying, “Be Cheerful and Pass It On”.  It is true, yet basic to what we should all do this season and every day.  Being cheerful can come in many different ways: a smile, a gift, a donation of time or money, a forgiveness, or whatever being cheerful means to you.    

Giving more cheer this year to me means amplifying my giving of time, gifts of warmth, and money.  Each Christmas Season, in lieu of gifts for each other, my husband and I combine two of our favorite things: celebrating (cheers) and giving.  This year we are focusing on more, individual acts of kindness.  Some we have always done, and others will be new for us.  Some will be part of a larger group, and others will be on our own.  Some will seem like there is ‘no giving at all’ even though the returned smiles will tell the truth.  And an added benefit: more family time.

Give More Cheer
I would challenge everyone to give more cheer this holiday season whether it is at your local food shelf, shelter, school, or for your neighbor.  As you are out shopping, holding the door for someone just might earn you a smile.  And, giving more cheer will make someone’s day, but will make your holiday season!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! CHEERS!


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  1. April / Nov 30 2011 3:49 pm

    YES! Cheerfulness is a gift! 🙂 Today we are making an advent calendar–pretty scrapbook-paper cones that will be hung on a string with clothespins. They will each contain a treat and a note (Bible verses, reminders of the season, CHEERFUL notes).

    Thank you for the reminder to be cheerful, Teri. I think a lot of us can miss the point during this busy season.

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