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December 31, 2011 / Asimplemother

2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family

As we ring in 2012, I am reflecting on our family resolutions. And wondering, “How do I engage our 2-year old daughter in the process? Although some will argue making resolutions at the start of the new year is the worst time, due to the added pressure, we have to start some time.

After looking at both goal-setting strategies and tactics for adults and toddlers, I found many similarities. This was refreshing and humorous to me! After reading so many, How To Be Successful books, I realized I just needed to remember the lessons I was taught as a child. We all had weekly chores charts, and multiplication mastery charts that measured our success over a certain period of time and for a certain task(s). And as adults, we can do the same (and you do not have to buy or read another self-help book!

Setting Family Resolutions

This year, although my daughter is only 2 years old, I want her to join us as we set and achieve our family resolutions. What great skills and emotions to teach her: discipline and accomplishment. Even though she will not fully understand the details of each resolutions, I want her to help us make the connection between setting goals, achieving them and rewards.

A Family Resolutions Chart

This is as easy as an afternoon kids’ craft project and can include your whole family. First, make sure that you and your spouse have finalized your family resolutions. Next, gather all of your supplies: large tagboard (but will fit where you want to hang it), ruler, markers and stickers. Third, determine how often you will measure your resolution; weekly or monthly would be best. Fourth, draw column lines: A wider one on the left side, a shorter one next to it, 12 (if monthly, adjust if weekly) columns and then one final column on the right side. Fifth, draw row lines, one for each resolution. Finally include the following:

First Column: Your Resolutions
Second Column: Your monthly or weekly goal for each resolution
12 Monthly Columns: Place stickers as you achieve each goal
Last Column: Your overall goal for each resolution

*You can also create and print a chart from your computer and have your children decorate it.

Including Your Toddler

Continue to involve your toddler in the measurement process by discussing whether your goal was met and what it means for your family (I.e. Family trip) and have them place the stickers for each monthly goal. If you have older children, have them include their resolutions on the chart, or to set goals with you.

Being held accountable to your family just might be the best motivator to stick to your goal!

Wishing you many happy blessings in 2012!



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  1. Mamie / Jan 1 2012 11:01 pm

    I love this idea! I think it’s the teacher in me… but I love getting gold stars! 🙂

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