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January 14, 2012 / Asimplemother

No Longer A New Mom

After two years of motherhood, I have realized this week that I am no longer a new mom.

This realization came as i witnessed others pounce upon my daughter as she stood on a chair attempting to retrieve a snack from the refrigerator. While they were tripping over each other, panic breathing and calling her name, I was still sitting in my chair, breathing normal and saying, “She gets her own snack all the time.”

This made me think ( and laugh) about all of the new-mom panicking I have done over the past two years and the other ways in which I have changed.

1. My daughter wants to take her nap or sleep on the couch. Hey, I’m just excited she is willing to sleep!

2. She dresses herself in green polka-dot pants and an orange/red striped shirt. Let’s rock-and-roll to the grocery store.

3. I observe her dragging a chair across the kitchen so she can stand next to me and help make dinner. And, I help her get the chair!

4. She wants to do things “On her own” and I have a feeling of relief.

5. I am the one relaxed, sipping coffee, while others jump up in panic every time she does something.

So, does this mean I have mastered motherhood? I strongly doubt that. Instead I am able to step back, observe, and make an appropriate reaction. And that makes every one more calm.

Besides, I have the school-age and teenage new mom trials to master yet!


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