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January 20, 2012 / Asimplemother

Things I have learned from a 2 year-old

In sequel to, “5 Life Lessons I Learned From an 18-Month Old” this post reflects on the life lessons my 2 year-old has taught me. And today has been a great day filled with lessons!

1. Just say “No”. Or, better yet, “NO WAY” when you don’t want to do or have something.

2. When making a decision to move on to the next thing, quickly go forth with no turning back and no baggage.

3. Blue jeans and boots are acceptable attire for any occasion.

4. Keep a group of loyal friends and followers close. Refuse to go into the unknown without them.

5. Savor every sip of your hot chocolate as if it was the best-ever!

6. When you’re tired and need a rest, crawl up on Mommy’s lap. It is still the best place to rest!


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