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February 6, 2012 / Asimplemother

Winter Family Fun

In Minnesota we enjoy winter when it snows. This year, without snow and a blessing of warm temperatures, we have not “enjoyed” winter. But, as a resourceful, simple mother I did find us some fun!

Activities that include your whole family are the best memories and time spent. And that sometimes means modifying your day, activity or plans. And not having it go all your way.

Sometimes you even have to take a chance and push the envelope about how the experience may turn out. Only to find out, IT WENT GREAT.

Our recent snowmobile trip (4 days, in a new area) was no exception to any of this. Four great days of family and fun…with lots of unknowns. I learned a lot about my daughter and her passions and joys and strengths. Something I learned only by taking the chance of unknowns.

So the next time you want to take a trip or an experience, but are worried about the unknowns…I challenge you to GO FOR IT! I think you’ll have memories for life.


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