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May 28, 2014 / Asimplemother

Is there “Less” Stress?

5 appointments / errands in one day with a 4-year old and a 14-month old.  One would call me crazy.  Our stops even included 3 doctor appointments (I counted these as one).  Stressful…just slightly.  As our appointments ran late and lunch was approaching, I was nervously entertaining the baby with anything to keep him happy for a few more minutes.  But, long story short, we succeeded with only 1 causalty…a spilled bottle (the whole thing, of course) of apple juice, and one proud momma of her kids for being great troopers.

Our day yesterday got me thinking about the buzz and new study by Penn State that stay-at-home moms are more stressed than working moms.  As a mom who works 30 hours per week out-of-the-home, I am the last person to judge which is more stressful.  Instead, I ask the question, is there really, “Less stress”?

Our day yesterday was crazy-hectic, but I got to spend it with our kids, teaching them patience when our doctor appointments ran 30 minutes behind, or animal nutrition when buying bird and wildlife feed at the local cooperative.  And some days at the office, I get to tune-out the world and work on my to-do list, uninterupted…until I learn I must “train” a new boss and do the job of 2 people because of changes.

Stress levels fluctuate (like when both my kids take a 2 hour nap on Fridays), our stress management tactics change/grow, and our desire to allow stress to help us be better next time.  I haven’t determined for myself which is more / less stressful.  Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones that gets to have the most and least stress as a mom.


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