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March 14, 2016 / Asimplemother

When I show my love

Is a mother’s love an ever flowing verb through her words, actions and look? Or is it a consistent noun stable and solid as a bouquet of flowers or home-cooked meal? As I have put pen to paper many a times about this topic, I always conclude my thoughts with, “Love is an infinite action as a mom” making it a verb for me.

As a working mom I often catch myself worrying that I am not showing my love enough to my children and husband. The worry and guilt used to eat me up. Don’t get me wrong, I still worry, but instead of allowing it to transcend into guilt, I quickly grab and pen and paper.  To paper I draft in permanent copy all the ways I have shown my love that day or week.  A quick read and I feel much better, back in check and ready to continue.

Over the past few months I have noticed my list go from the obvious: getting the kids a treat while running errands, to the not always popular: no.  In fact, my list now is quite varied and deep.

Love is in my, “no”,  and handmade pasta.  Love is in school notes to the teachers and handmade coloring pages. Love is exploring a new park.  Encouraging a challenge like archery and watching their first bulls eye.  Love is sharing a sandbox sundae.  No difference in my love have I found between a push on the swing or declined Doc McStuffins Doll purchase. I get “Best day ever” awards for bringing home their favorite applesauce even though the other brand was 1/2 the price.  The teachings of why we don’t throw water from the bathtub and time-outs. And the praise they receive from strangers for their manners. Love to me is being first on opening day at our local ice cream shop and mud pies. It is the one cookie rule and no snacks before supper. Love to me is letting them dress themselves but allowing me to brush their hair each morning. Showing my love means Saturday morning doughnuts and Sunday church service. A hug and kiss every morning and every night. And every action and reaction in between.

As a mom I am always learning, when I show my love, I am shown it back.


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